Small things can make a big difference, so here is what you should look for in the construction of the flat in which you plan to live.

Here are some important points to remember while constructing a flat, because these things are considered very minor but have a very huge effect on Vaastu principles and also natural phenomena.

The maximum area in the Northeast should be kept vacant since it is the direction of prosperity and also should receive plenty of sunshine.

The building is always preferred square or rectangle in shape.

Since steel and RCC reinforcement provided in the slab affect the electromagnetic environment in the premises, it is better to have a high roof.

A beam should be avoided across (middle of the room). Use wood and other non-magnetic metals like brass or aluminium.

Never build a column in the centre of the room.

Balconies in east and north are the best.

Steps to enter the main door of the house are considered to be beneficial to the person living there.

The entrance and exit doors directly opposite is considered to be non-beneficial since what comes in goes out.

The rooms in the north side should be short by 1 to 3 inches compared to those in the south, but at least 6 to 9 inches bigger.

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