Most people consider Vaastu insignificantly for home offices, but it is certainly not something to be ignored.

A small office at home is a special room where one can find the meaning and the importance of what one does, the work, the decisions, and so on.

These are similar to what is done in regular offices.

It should be self-made and designed according to one's need.

The person in charge should sit facing the North or East for any reference study since those directions are considered to be directions of knowledge.

Make sure you never face the wall as it curbs creativity.

The space in front of the table or desk develops creativity and strengthens efficiency.

Place the desk or table where one gets the best view and light but not against the wall.

Provide the room with good photographs, pleasant colours and the working table with a table lamp, which enhance the capacity and interest of the person to work.

The office entrance should be from the East or North.

A green light along with all this will enhance intelligence.

Make sure there is no tree, pillar, rock or any other thing which disturbs the entrance.

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