Furniture, photographs and other decorative items in your home can make all the difference to good Vaastu.

Generally we consider the selection of the site, plans, positions of main doors should be as per Vaastu for a peaceful prosperous life.

However, even decorative elements in a home, such as photographs, can play a major role in making a house Vaastu-friendly.

Place Photos of dieties like Gods, Goddesses, Saints, Sagas, on the eastern and northern walls.

Photos of the departed, near and dear ones should be on southern walls.

Avoid these photos in prayer rooms. Avoid cactus and other thorney plants, especially in the northern and eastern regions.

Appliances like electrical and electronic items should be pushed to the southeast corner of a room.

Arrange heavy furniture on the southern and western side.

Light furniture should be arranged in the North and East areas.

Plant light indoor plants on the North, East and Northeast portions.

The South and West corner can have heavy indoor plants.

Avoid continuous blaring music in your home.

Always control the volume.

Allow the center of each room to be free from heaviness.

Exhaust fans should be always in the Northwest corner & room.

It is better to always use thick and heavy curtains for the South and Western windows and lighter curtains for the North and Eastern windows.

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