Those special rooms in your home should face the right way to ensure peace and prosperity within.

The windows should be at least 3.5 feet high from the floor level.

Windows opening towards the north or east are the best.

For houses patterned with sloping roots, be sure the slope of the root is towardsthe north or northeast or the east only.

An extra room or storey constructed on the south or west side of the building is good.

Try to build the children's room in the northwest or southeast part of the house.

The Pooja room is best in the northeast corner, or in the east and north side.

A Pooja room, which is square in shape and has the roof sloping from the centre on all other sides, is considered best for mental relaxation and meditation.

Pooja rooms should never have partitions made of wood or curtains.

The furniture in the drawing and dining rooms should akways be square or rectangular in shape. The store room is always best in the South side.

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