Under Vaastu, colours have been prescribed for every direction in the house.

Painting in the house is considered to be one of the prominent factors in Vaastu.

So interior colour schemes should not be very bright and stimulating.

They should be subtle and pleasing. Human beings are creatures of energy and respond to energy of teh colours around.

As per Vaastu, colours have been prescribed for each direction of the house.

If a different colour is used in that direction the results will be troublesome because the Lord of that direction and the colour may not be of friendly relations.

East being the direction of the Sun, the clour preferred is dark brown, which gives you purity and satvik results.

Venus being the lord of Southeast, the colour suited is white, which gives beauty, charm and luck. South is ruled by Mars.

The colour preferred is red, which is symbol of aggressiveness and fiery.

It can be used only in risk bearing buildings in that particular direction.

South-west is ruled by Rahu and the colour preferred is blue, which represents courage.

This is used in particular types of buildings in that particular direction.

The ruler of west is Saturn and it represents maturity and satisfaction.

The colour represented here is blue and it can be used in the dining room, bedroom and conference rooms.

North is represented by Mercury and the colour suited is green, which signifies intelligence and wealth and it can be used anywhere.

Nort-west is governed by the Moon and the colour preferred here is white, which denotes purity and wealth.

It is suited for all types of rooms and places.

Jupiter represents the Northeast sector and recommends yellow, which stands for piousness and purity.

It can be used in the Pooja room.

Generally white, yellow and green colours are preferred for business and sometimes red and blue may be used for special types of business establishment.

It is advised that good colour combinations be provided in differents to ensure good luck, health and wealth.


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