Vaastu being an ancient architectural science, it not only deals with residential buildings, factories and industries but also has prominence along with flowers and plants in and around the buildings.

Plants in and around the building play a significant role in activating positive vibrations i.e. Positive Vaastu energy to our daily life.

Tulsi (Basin) is of great importance in houses.

It should be planted in the East or Northwest direction only, since it is considered a deity.

Jasmine (Chameli) is associated with spirituality and considered to be the best for worshipping purposes.

Marigold, being a yellow flower, is good around the house and it gives the most positive Vaastu energy.

Champaka, Mogra and Parijat should be planted only in the North, Northeast, South and Southeast directions of the home.

Flower pots should never be kept on the building wall in the North, East or Northeast direction, which creates a sort of blockage in that direction.

If possible, it is auspicious to have a pond with lotus flowers in the Northeast side of the house.

Fruit-bearing trees should be planted only in the East direction of the garden.

Growing tall trees in the Southwest side of the house will bring stability and progress in the house.

Tall and heavy trees on the Southwest side protect the house from bad vibrations coming from the Southwest.

It is better to have a money plant inside the house since it brings good luck to the house.

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