Gardens are assets to any home, but ensure you make the most of them.

Gardens add beauty to any house or commercial space.

But they should also be maintained with some basic Vaastu principles to get the postiive vibrations and good results from them.

The garden should be thick in the south west side of the building.

A pond in the northeast of the garden is considered very fruitful.

Be sure the slope is towards the northeast even in the garden.

The walls on the southeast should be higher than the rest of the walls. A storeroom in the garden should be on the southeast corner.

Electrical bulbs should be in the southeast corner.

An underground tank or pond should always be in the north, east or northeast corner.

Plants, herbs, aromatic bushes should always be planted in the west side.

The southeast should always have tall tress.

Decorative plants can be grown in the north, east, northeast or northwest of the garden.

East and Northeast is considered best to have the Tulsi (Basil) plant.

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