Missile Man of India

The “Missile Man of India”
The brain behind the Indian missile arsenal of Prithvi, Agni, etc.
A brilliant technologist
Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government of India..
loved by kids, students, youth, elders all over the country..
loved by all defense personnel..
Went on to become the ‘People’s President’
First Indian President to fly in the fighter air crafts, to board the submarines, to visit the Siachin..
More than anything else a wonderful human being..
Today is the last day of A P J Abdul Kalam in the office as The President of India…
A man who upholded the dignity of the Presidential post of India..
An apolitical figure..
When Abdul Kalam gets down from the post of the president of India, it is the post of the president that is losing its charm and glory, not Abdul Kalam..
Kalam still continues to rule the hearts of 6 billion people as ‘The People’s President’
Salam Kalam

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